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The LDHH Loan Scheme

If you are trying to rent a flat or small house to suit the size of your family, and are in difficulty because you need to find a deposit and / or rent in advance, LDHH  may be able to help with a loan.


But remember we cannot find a flat or house for you - we are not a letting agency!


Very often landlords or their agents will ask for an initial deposit to be held against possible damage; a month’s rent in advance; and often a fee for the necessary agreement. This can all add up to several hundred pounds. Even if you feel you can manage the actual monthly rent being asked, this large sum to spend all at once may be a real problem.


LDHH may able to LEND you this money, interest free,  and you can then pay it back in instalments of a size you can manage - alongside the rent of course payable to the landlord. Don’t forget living expenses as well, but a typical agreed repayment to LDHH is £25 a month.


If you would like to explore this possibility, ring our telephone enquiry line on 07717 854889 and leave your contact details, or ask at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau at 41 Eastgate, Louth. Remember at LDHH we do not have an office to visit, and a phone enquiry may not be answered immediately as we do not have permanent staff.


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