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LDHH Small Grants

Sometimes, if you  are really stuck for cash, a small grant can just make the difference. For example we have given money for bus fares to get to Lincoln or Skegness, where more direct help or a roof and a bed may be available. Maybe your benefit has not yet come through, or you need to get somewhere else to collect it? These small grants are just that - small - so we are not talking about enough to pay for  B & B at commercial rates. But a small amount might just make the difference.


There will be some questions to answer - we don’t just hand it out to anyone who happens along - but if the situation is really desperate, we can try to help.


Ask at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau at 41 Eastgate, Louth or the ELDC Housing Advice team at Manby (601111), or call in at the Louth Parish Outreach Office at Trinity Centre, Eastgate.


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