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Friends and neighbours

Here is a list of some “friends and neighbours” - organisations with whom we co-operate, or who may be able to give help outside our area.

If they have web pages we have used the latest information we have, but without any guarantee that the link will work. Click on the logo concerned. Any information given in pages of other organisations is outside the responsibility of LDHH.

ELDC Housing  Team

Manby, Louth, LN11 8UP

01507 601111 ext. 472

Out of hours emergency only - 07766 776447


Citizens Advice Bureau, 41 Eastgate,

Louth, LN11 9NH

08444 994199, 01507 609459


Renew, Queen Street, Louth

01507 604174


Lincolnshire Credit Union,

Trinity Centre,264 Eastgate

Louth  LN11 8DJ

01507 610752

Lincs Credit Union

The Nomad Trust, 15a Monks Road,

Lincoln  LN2 5HL

01522 883703


Shelter Lincoln, 14 Melville Street,

Lincoln  LN5 7HW

0844 515 1700


Framework Lincoln, 53 Croft Street,

Lincoln  LN2 5AZ

0800 030 4699