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If you have been without proper housing for some time, and are now able to move into somewhere, there are possible problems even if you now have a roof. The flat or house you are moving into may well be partially equipped but not have a cooker in the kitchen, while you and yours still need to eat! We have a scheme for finding either a microwave oven, or a small oven called a “mini-kitchen” which has an oven with two electric hobs on the top. Either of these will run off a normal 13 amp socket. Possibly also a small fridge.


These and other items of furniture may be available through our colleagues in “Renew”.

If one of these possibilities would help, please ask your ELDC support worker (if you are in touch with one), or the Team Parish Outreach Worker at Trinity Centre, Eastgate, or ring LDHH on 07717 854889.

LDHH Kitchen Loans


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