Some examples of what we do to help

A rural poverty problem

Mary (her name changed for anonymity) is a young single mother with 3 young children who had been housed in a rural isolated ex-council house. She got into considerable debt and rent arrears and realised she was not managing her life well. She responded to support from the CAB and local Housing Support Team but needed over £400 to avoid eviction by the Housing Association. LDHH were able to give her this money. She has now paid off her other debts and is re-housed in the town where her children can go to nursery and school and she can work. She was very appreciative of this help and has offered to pay back by nominal amounts, which is generous given her circumstances.

A pound or two can make a difference

LDHH provides a float of petty cash operated by the local CAB office and the East Lindsey Housing Support Team. At a recent meeting the CAB manager explained that while with other CAB managers she had mentioned being able to give a client the price of a bus fare to get to the local benefits agency, using the float. The other managers said how much they would value such a facility.The float enables help to be given quickly to clients to use necessary services or practical help.

Even just a tent can prevent homelessness

A recent small grant was to buy a tent to enable a young man to live in the garden of his friends rather than being sent to a hostel in another town where he knew nobody.


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