LDHH does not keep a store of furniture. We work with our colleagues at "Renew" for these.

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1) How do I get in touch with LDHH if I need help?

What kind of help do you need - a loan for a deposit on a flat; a small amount of cash grant for travel; or food or cooking equipment if you are moving into emergency accommodation?

1) It depends on if you already in touch with a helping agency.

If you are already in touch with East Lindsey Housing support, they will be able to contact LDHH immediately. If you have been in touch with the Citizens' Advice Bureau they will also have direct contact. If you are uncertain, and have access to a phone, call 07717 854889 and leave a message. Or send us a message using the "Contact" form - but this may not be seen immediately.

2) Does LDHH have an office I can visit?

2) Sorry, no.

To save expense we do not have any fixed premises. If we need to have an interview with a client we normally work through the CAB. They are at 41 Eastgate, Louth.

3) Where can I get some emergency food supplies?

3) From the "Community Larder".

There is a small supply of foodstuffs kept at Trinity Centre in Eastgate, Louth. A voucher allowing you to collect a couple of days' supply can be got from any of our contact points. There are also vouchers for perishable foods (milk, bread, vegetables etc.) These can be exchanged at the Co-op in Kiln Lane, Louth, or a local greengrocer for the vegetables.

4) I need a few pieces of furniture urgently.

4) Renew will probably be able to help you.

“Renew” have a store of most kinds of  furniture in a warehouse behind 55 Eastfield Road in Louth. You could ring them on 01507 604174 to check, and to find their opening hours. For loan of a cooker contact ELDC Housing Enabling Service on 601111.

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